Another 20-hectare greenhouse is used in the largest Italian center

2021-11-16 19:08:28 By : Ms. Nerissa Yang

Another 20 hectares of greenhouse at Fri-El Green House was completed on November 10, 2021 as part of the largest iron and glass greenhouse center in Italy for hydroponic cultivation of Ostellato (Ferrara). The goal is to reach 60 hectares by 2026.

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“Fri-El Green House is the first producer that can supply Italian tomatoes from the same location throughout the year. Its production system uses 70% less area than traditional crops and uses 70% less water,” explained director Alessio Orlandi.

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"The greenhouse uses the waste water produced by the adjacent biogas plant for partial heating, thereby recovering precious energy. In addition, they use LED lighting to ensure low energy consumption and sufficient light to avoid useless waste.

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Fri-El Green House is a company that uses high-tech hydroponics technology to produce H2Orto brand tomatoes throughout the year. It recently opened a new greenhouse of 20 hectares and hosted an event for customers and the media. Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia-Romagna Region; Alessio Mammi, Agricultural Consultant of Regione Emilia-Romagna, and Massimiliano Giansanti, President of Confagricoltura, intervened.

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The two new iron glass greenhouses Ostellato 3 and Ostellato 4 are part of the ambitious project of Gruppo Fri-El, one of Italy’s leading producers of renewable resources (wind, biomass and biogas). The company Founded the Fri-El Green house in 2015. 

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10 hectares have already been put into use, and another 10 hectares will be put into use in March 2022. Through this expansion, the company has a total of 31.1 hectares of iron glass greenhouses.

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"The goal of European policy is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with zero climate impact. An important factor in achieving this goal is the transition to a circular economy. Our company has combined renewable energy, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and low impact Agricultural production, and also recycle residues and reintroduce them into the production cycle. We are pioneers in Italy, and our goal is to achieve zero impact as soon as possible."    

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H2Orto currently uses integrated technology and useful insects to produce nickel-free tomatoes, cocktails and cherry tomatoes. The ecosystem is closed loop, managed with software that monitors climate, irrigation and humidity, eliminates waste and reuses all important components of plants. In this way, we can get high-quality tomatoes that can be bought all year round. 

More information H2ORTO Via delle Serre 1 44020 Ostellato (Ferrara)-Italy 39 0533 57411

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