Surna Cultivation Technologies becomes an authorized distributor of BVV Neocision LED Grow Lights

2021-11-12 02:37:18 By : Ms. Joan Zhang

Surna Cultivation Technologies has become a distributor of BVV Neocision LED grow lights. Surna will work closely with BVV to develop lighting layouts and properly deploy and integrate LED plant growth lights in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities. 

Jon Kozlowski, Vice President of Sales at Surna, said: "Surna is able to provide LED plant growth lights and our series of HVACD products, making it easier for customers to expand their planting facilities from a single source. 

Surna can now provide a series of LED growth lights listed in DesignLights Consortium® (DLC), which can meet the stringent requirements of commercial growers at all stages of plant growth. DLC is the first and only standards-based organization recognized by a utility company in North America to verify rebates for horticultural lighting. BBV's Neocision LED grow lights also come with a 7-year limited warranty. 

For more information: Surna Cultivation Technologies 1780 55th Street, Suite A Boulder, CO 80301 Tel: (303) 993-5271 Fax: (303) 955-2544   

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