High quality plant grow light greenhouse full spectrum hydroponic 40W LED grow light

Model50W  UFO LED Grow light Input VoltageAC85-265V          Frequency Range50Hz-60HzNominal  Power50W  (250*0.2W)Actual  Power 35WLight Color(SMD2835) R+B+UV+IR / 174+68+4+4Brightness ratio3:1-4:1LED wavelengthRed  620-630nm           Blue 455-

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High Quality Plant Growth Lamp Greenhouse Full Spectrum Hydroponic 40W LED Grow Light
Model50W  UFO LED Grow light 
Input VoltageAC85-265V          
Frequency Range50Hz-60Hz
Nominal  Power50W  (250*0.2W)
Actual  Power 35W
Light Color(SMD2835) R+B+UV+IR / 174+68+4+4
Brightness ratio3:1-4:1
LED wavelength

Red  620-630nm           Blue 455-465nm

UV  385-395nm  IR     730-735nm 

Covering Area2.5M2  (2M height) 
Material PC cover
Product Size330x330x33mm
Net Weight780g/PCS
Inner packing size37*34*4.0CM 
Meas43.5*38.5*37 CM   10PCS/Carton
Gross weight12.2KG/CTN
Warranty2 years
BrandsHuerler 50W UFO LED Grow light

Q : Why using these bands? 
A : For over 4 years, our factory has refined the wavelengths of our LED grow light 3-11 band ,that means 410~440nm,450~500nm 610~630nm, 650~660nm , 730nm we research and find that ,
Red colour helpful for flowering stage , blue color is working on leaves growth stage . 3-11 band spectrum is perfect for flowering. This light also will work for VEG. The light spectrum used in our LED grow contains the most efficient and proven wavelengths for Growth&flowering.

Q : How does this LED grow light VS HID/HPS Grow Light ? 
A : LED lights are more money up front, but you save about 50% on the electrical consumption of the light, 
cooling costs (very expensive in the summer) and annual bulb replacement. You can look forward to paying 
back the cost of the light in electricity savings over about 12 months of use. The most common error made 
when using LEDs is that people do not use enough of them. Follow the guidelines for recommended coverage area, and your LEDs will impress you with their yield. The much reduced heat output of LEDs when compared with HPS/MH bulbs also substantially reduces the risk of a fire hazard, especially in an enclosed space.

Q : What Place will use this is light ? 
A : Hydroponic, gardening, Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding, Seedling, Breeding, Farm, Flower Exhibition, 
Garden, potted plants, etc.
1) Green House.
2) Seedlings and clones.
3) Primary plant lighting.
4) Supplemental plant lighting.
5) Common area planters - malls, lobbies, restaurants commercial buildings or anywhere that plants need 
more light.

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