Shenzhen factory COB chip 200W full spectrum COB LED plant growth light

Features:1.Actual power 70-560watt.integrated high power LED as its light source. 2.Wide Voltage design(AC85-AC265V),suit for all countries 3.Full spectrum. customizable wavelength and light spectrum ratio 4. Optica

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1.Actual power 70-560watt.integrated high power LED as its light source. 
2.Wide Voltage design(AC85-AC265V),suit for all countries 
3.Full spectrum. customizable wavelength and light spectrum ratio 
4. Optical glass lens, light spectrum concentrates stronger. penetrating ability improves 2 times. 60 degree and 120 degree LENS are available which has a perfect ballance between penetrating power and coverage area.
5.80% energy saving compared to Metal Halide or HPS lamps. Drastically reduce your electric bill 
6.Wide lighting coverage area. 
7.Four high-quality thermostatically controlled fans on back against the heat 
8. Life span above 50000 hours. two years warranty 
9.Unique modular design,Controlled by power driver seperately. also build-in seperate fans and seperate temperature monitor.
10.Excellent heat dissipation performance. pure aluminum housing + build-in aluminum heat sink insure the product has excellent heat dissipation performance. the surface temperature is only 35°C.
11.High temperature protection function.the products equips with high temperature monitor device.when the internal temperature reach 70 °C,the system will turn off automatically until it cool down to normal temperature
 Shenzhen Factory COB Chip 200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light
Shenzhen Factory COB Chip 200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light
Shenzhen Factory COB Chip 200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light
Shenzhen Factory COB Chip 200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

Parameters 1:
Model No.WS-PS3R126WS-PS3R252WS-PS3R504WS-PS3R504AWS-PS3R756WS-PS3R1008
VoltageAC 100-265V/47-63Hz
Current0.7 A @
1.4 A @ AC=100V2.1 A @ AC=100V2.1 A @ AC=100V4.2 A @ AC=100V5.6 A @ AC=100V
Rated Power126 W252 W504 W504 W756 W1008 W
Actual Power70 W140 W210 W210 W420 W560 W
N.W.1.55 kg2.5 kg4.1 kg4.6 kg6.0 kg7.95 kg
Package Size
Housing ColorBlack
Working Temp-20ºC ~ +40 ºC

Parameters 2:
0.3 mLux362703972041890391204500047100
0.5 mLux184003526036420363903840040860
0.8 mLux70001580023420263203512036120
1.0 mLux4570974014600161002301034840

Color Ratio For Each COB:
315-400nnm:Chlorophyll absorb less impact photoperiod effect, prevent stem elongation
400-520nm:The proportion of chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption maximum, the greatest impact on photosynthesis
520 ~ 610nm:Pigment absorption rate is not high
610 ~ 720nm:Chlorophyll absorption rate is low, has a significant influence on photosynthesis and photoperiod effect
720 ~ 1000nm:Absorption rate is low, stimulation of cell elongation, affect flowering and seed germination
> 1000nm: Converted into heat
Red:42mil630nm17 PCS
660nm16 PCS
730nm1 PCS
Blue:45mil440 nm2 PCS
460nm4 PCS
White: 45mil2700K        2 PCS

•        1> What kind of lights is available?
•        It depends on your demand.  Full Spectrum is Customized.
•        2> What kind of installation fixtures do you provide?
•        We provide standard PLUG, STEEL CABLES. Easy for installation. 
•        3> What happened if one led broken, will affect other leds?
•        No, it won't affect each other. We design each led a protective diode, and safe for whole fixture.
•        4> What kind of wattages can you provide?
•        We provide 126W/252W/504W/504W/756W/1008W till now. Both in COB & Invididual types. OEM is welcomed.
•        5> Are you a manufacturer?
•        Yeah. We're manufacturer in shenzhen and EIGHT-YEARS experence in lighting project. 
Cob Led Grow Light
With thousands of strict tests in our laboratory, we successfully hold the core technology of COB, now its quality assurance of all levels. In addition, the excellent Par value generated by COB is better than normal high power LED, making it more delight in their growing experience COB Led Grow Light is the most suitable,effective and powerful led grow light for plants. 

Shenzhen Factory COB Chip 200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light
Shenzhen Factory COB Chip 200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

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