Large integrated LED plant growth light full spectrum indoor plants and flowers

Smart Hydroponic big home grow full set for big plantsIncluding MT6100 smart big 6.5L hydroponic planter with smart reminder & 27W smart LED grow light with timerMetal rack size around: 52(L)*22(W)*53~72(H)cmwith adjustable height function for light*suitable for everyone, kids, the old, adults, for home, office, kitchen

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Big Integrated LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants and Flower

Smart Hydroponic big home grow full set for big plants
Including MT6100 smart big 6.5L hydroponic planter with smart reminder & 27W smart LED grow light with timer
Metal rack size around: 52(L)*22(W)*53~72(H)cm
with adjustable height function for light
*suitable for everyone, kids, the old, adults, for home, office, kitchen... and school teaching, hotel, restaurant, even a small scale greenhouse, also a good gift item
-this item could be used to grow herbs, small tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, flowers, new hydroponic technology, which is clean, easy, safe and convenient, with good harvest, eat what you grow by yourself!

Features:SMART-CLEAN-EASY-SAFE-CONVENIENT-Could remind you when lack of water and timer control on off the lightsClean, easy, safe, use new hydroponic technology, no soil, can put where you want indoor, with smart reminder, you can eat what you plant by yourself, no herbicides, no pesticidesConvenient- it is a all in one item with LED grow light, just add the water and fertilizer when it reminds you, no need to take much care, anyone can be a good gardenerMORE OUTPUT, GOOD HARVEST, it can grow faster and you can get good experience and fun with itSuitable for ANYONE and ANYWHERE and for MOST OF THE PLANTS-kids, adults, and the senior, for anywhere indoor,HOME, OFFICE, KITCHEN, also a good gift item, suitable size as wellProduct description
If you want to have a good super grow smart hydroponic tabletop Herb, vegetable and Flower garden, here we are 
You can garden all year-round with this big 7L smart soil free hydroponic unit size 50cm*18cm*20cm, Metal rack size around: 52(L)*22(W)*53~72(H)cm
It is easy, safe, clean and Convenient 
It is season free, suitable for home office and Kitchen 
Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more in this smart tabletop garden 
Can grow 3 big pots of plants with amazing scene better than you can expect 
High-performance, two switch 27-watt LED lighting system with timer is tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to grow much faster and better than natural growth, with good harvest 
Easy-to-use control system that automatically turns lights on and off and reminds you when to add water and nutrients 
It could be a good decoration for your home as well, most of the flowers would work fine with it too 
Light height is adjustable according to plants growth 
It is suitable for everyone, kids, old people, adults, family, office, kitchen, hotel & Restaurant ... and school teaching, is also a good gift item 
Use new Hydroponic technology which is clean, convenient, safe, easy, do not need too much care, everyone can be a good gardener with it 
Fertilizer and seeds not come with the unit, but you could by together with the pack kits separately 
plant & fertilizer not included, planting medium inside already, put the seeds inside 5 holes of planting foam in each pot for small seeds, it will grow

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