Dimmable and spectrum flexible LED fixtures offer growers maximum control over lighting installation

2022-09-03 02:33:53 By : Mr. David Yu

Dutch Powerhouse Monarch, one of the smallest top lights on the market, has been improved. The water-cooled LED fixture is now available with a 1200W driver, more efficient LED chips, and can reach a light output of up to 4020 µmol/s. In addition, the top lights are now dimmable via Oreon's LED Control Center in the cloud.

The new Monarch with 1200 W internal driver is available in 2 variants:

The Monarch' HPS replacement' (max. 3560 µmol/s, 1050 W, and 3.4 µmol/J) is ideal for the 1-to-1 replacement of HPS lamps. This is a smart choice when an existing installation can be used, as it will provide at least 85% more light.

Thanks to the new LED chips, the output of the Dutch Powerhouse Empress (710 W) has also been increased. It is now 18% higher compared to the last version of the lamp in 2021. This fixture is often chosen when switching from HPS to LED, as it helps the grower save more than 30% on energy while simultaneously increasing the light level by 30%.

Every greenhouse is different regarding the surface area, height, location, and crop. Designing a light plan is always a custom job. With these 4 top light variants, Oreon can better meet the growers' requirements and wishes, and an optimal LED lighting solution can be made for every conceivable scenario. A datasheet with all spectral information can be downloaded from the Oreon website.

Oreon's LED Control Center Oreon's LED Control Center enables growers to control their assimilation lighting with unsurpassed precision, thanks to a reliable wireless network in the greenhouse or cultivation area. From the Control Center, top lights equipped with a dongle can be dimmed to compensate for fluctuations in the amount of sunlight that is available. The light level can be adjusted at different times of the day in several cultivation areas.

The multi-layer Embrace fixture can also be controlled from the Control Center. This light is not only dimmable but the spectrum can also be adjusted. For example, the light can be adapted to the growth phase of the plant, and sunrise and sunset can be simulated in order to allow the crops to grow as efficiently as possible.

Flexibility for the grower was crucial when developing the system: the LED fixtures can be placed in an infinite number of different groups. Multiple schedules can be created for each group with an unlimited number of changes per day. Fixtures can also easily be reassigned from one group to another. This way, it is guaranteed that every centimeter of the growing area receives exactly the required spectrum or amount of light.

Discover the latest developments of Oreon during the GreenTech 2022 in Amsterdam at stand 01.632.

For more information: Oreon Lorentzlaan 6 3401 MX IJsselstein, Netherlands +31 30 760 0660 info@oreon-led.com www.oreon-led.com    

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